The Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Serbia announces its 18th symposium entitled „Healthy Unity With Deep Roots“, which will be held on 13-14. October 2023 at the Gorski Hotel on mountain Kopaonik.


The symposium is realized in cooperation with the co-organizers, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, the Association of Innovative Manufacturers of Medicines – INOVIA and the Association of Foreign Genetic Medicines Manufacturers – GENEZIS and under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia.


As in previous years, the Symposium will cover the most attractive topics for the key target group – representatives of the pharmaceutical industry in the fields of medicines and medical devices for both human and veterinary use. We tried to create a balance of very practical topics and workshops and a look into the future, and this can be seen in the first draft of the program, which was also published on this occasion. Both ALIMS experts and the most eminent foreign and domestic lecturers from the region, as well as the whole of Europe and the USA, will talk about them.


Representatives of regulatory bodies with which ALIMS has bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements or plans to sign them – Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, Slovakia, Moldova – were invited to the symposium. which we expect to send high-level delegations, and the participation of representatives of international organizations and bodies such as the European Medicines Agency, the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Health Care, the WHO Office for Europe, and the EU delegation in Serbia is also foreseen.


Starting today, all interested participants of the 18th traditional ALIMS symposium can apply for participation through the symposium’s official website


The symposium is once again being held at an attractive location in the Gorski Hotel on Kopaonik, which we believe will satisfy the requirements both in terms of the natural environment of one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia, as well as in the form of conference space and all the accompanying hotel facilities that befit such a prestigious meeting.


Due to the very diverse and rich program, we have multiple parallel sessions, as well as split registration fees for drugs and medical devices on the one hand, and veterinary drugs on the other, which you can also find more information about on the official website of the symposium. The total registration fee, which includes two days of the program and all sessions, is 50,000 dinars + VAT, while the registration fee for veterinary sessions only is 33,000.00 dinars + VAT.


You can find out more about the program itself in the attachment to this notice, and although we leave the possibility of changes, we emphasize first of all that in the coming period we will work on filling the content with concrete names of lectures and especially lecturers, about which you will be informed in a timely manner.


However, we are convinced that you have more than enough information already now to decide that this time your company participates to the maximum extent possible because the essential knowledge you gain at the ALIMS Symposium cannot be obtained anywhere else in such a comprehensive and useful way.