Clients of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia (ALIMS) report the correction of a technical error (complaint) in output documents related to medical devices electronically, through the Agency’s portal.

Required documents:
1) Electronic application – the following must be specified: The name of the document to which the complaint relates, the number and date of the document, and in the “Description” section, the exact description of the error should be specified. The request must be electronically signed.
2) The original document to which the complaint relates: it is submitted to the ALIMS office together with the Form for submission of documentation in paper form on issues within the Agency’s competence in the field of medical devices, which must contain the reference number under which the procedure was initiated at the Agency (number of the request for correction of a technical error (complaint)).
If the abovementioned documents are not submitted, the Agency will not be able to make appropriate changes and issue a corrected document, and the application will be rejected as incomplete.