This assistance is intended for visitors of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia (ALIMS) website.

The main navigation fields of our website are on the left side of each page. A single mouse click on any of them will take you to the appropriate website page.
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If you want to browse the website, enter one or more words in the search field and press ENTER or click “Search,” after which you will be forwarded to the search results page.

Latest news and announcements from ALIMS, in abbreviated form, are published on every page of the website in the right navigation field. A single mouse click on the link “Read more” will take you to an entire text page.

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Using the option – Site map – you can locate any page of the website.
To send any page to anyone, choose the option – Send to E-mail – where you will be asked to enter a name and e-mail address of the recipient after which the e-mail with the page address will be sent.

If you want to print any page, select the option – Print page – and in this way, you will get a page with no excessive graphic details of the page elements, which you can then print by using the print function in your web browser.
Option – Contact – will take you to the Contact page where you will get information about ALIMS contact persons.
You can change the language (English or Serbian) of the website, or switch between Cyrillic and Latin script by clicking on the appropriate option from the header, located above the main navigation fields.

For successful business cooperation, regarding your opinion about the quality of our services or about some current issues, we will occasionally post mini surveys. Surveys are always anonymous and we hope to receive your honest answers. Depending on the level at which this research is conducted, the results will be more or less visible to the public eye.

If you need further assistance, or would like to ask any specific question, please contact us via e-mail to: k_servis[at]

All your questions will be posted on a page you can activate through the option located in the bottom right section of each page of the website.