1930 The Committee for Biological Products at the Ministry of Social Welfare and People’s Health was established.

1948 There was established the Federal Institute for the Testing and Control of Medicines, Serums, Vaccines, Cosmetics, Disinfectants, Dentistry Materials, Dietary Products, Medical Equipment and Devices, Natural and Mineral Waters and other materials used for medicinal purposes. 1950 The Republic Institute for Medicines Testing and Control of the People’s Republic of Serbia was established.

1961 The Pharmacy Institute is a health care organization established upon the proposal of the National Health Council of People’s Republic of Serbia. Base on the National Assembly Executive Council Act, it started operating on 1st January 1961, taking over all the rights and obligations of the former Medicines Testing and Control Institute of People’s Republic of Serbia.

2004 Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia was established.